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2014 Fashion Colour - Purple Brilliance Slant Tweezer

The little black dress of beauty tools is at it again, combining fashion and style with unparalleled function and precision for this year’s special edition Fashion Colour Slant Tweezer in Purple Brilliance.  


The rich purple enamel finish with an expressive play of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones is inspired by Pantone’s 2014 Colour of the Year, Radiant Orchid, gracing fashion forecasts and runways for 2014.


The sophisticated and luxurious hue adorns the Slant Tweezer to perfectly embody modern romanticism infused with intriguing warmth.  


The choice of make-up artists, models, celebrities and the most discerning beauty enthusiasts who demand the very best, Tweezerman’s award winning, stainless steel Slant Tweezer features perfectly aligned, hand-filed precision tips for expert brow shaping. 

•Featuring famously precise hand-filed tips for expert brow shaping  


•The decadent elegance of this romantic, saturated colour finish will be seen everywhere from nail enamels to cosmetics, from ready-to-wear to runway couture, with this enigmatically rich colour trend only expected to get stronger  


•Purple Brilliance, based on Pantone’s colour of the year, reflects this year’s trends in fashion and beauty for 2014 and beyond  

This year’s special edition Fashion Color Slant Tweezer: Purple Brilliance perfectly embodies modern romanticism.


The rich purple enamel finish, with an expressive play of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, emanates intriguing warmth that is also gracing fashion forecasts and the runways for 2014.  


The Purple Brilliance Slant Tweezer is the epitome of this captivating trend — the confluence of a vintage fairytale daydream meets an enchanted, energetic and imminently contemporary current.


Based on Pantone’s 2014 Color of the year (Radiant Orchid), this special edition is the ideal gift to uplift any girl’s charm quotient.  


The choice of make-up artists, models and celebrities, this edition of the award winning, stainless steel Slant Tweezer comprises unparalleled function and high style. 

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