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Brow Brush

This specially designed brush is angled and shaped to optimally fill in sparse areas as well as add definition to brows for a beautifully natural look.


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Specially angled for beautiful looking brows. Create the shape you love with gels and/or powders

Use & Care:

Apply product to the angled edge of the brush and use it to create short even strokes to fill in sparse brow areas, mirroring the pattern of natural hair growth. Draw with the fine tip to create more definition if desired.

To Clean:

Brushes can easily be cleaned with a makeup remover or face wipe. Natrafil® filaments allow for easy and frequent cleaning without altering softness or performance. Air dry flat.

Pair with:

Brow gels and powders.

Use a brow colour one-two shades lighter than your eyebrow colour.