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Line Glider™ Brush

The Line Glider™ is designed with a unique blend of fibres that can be expertly paired with any product formula for precise application.


The curved shape of the glider’s edge follows the natural contours of the eye, making eyeliner application super simple. The ergonomic shape makes precision placement on  the lash line easy for the ultimate detailed liner look.


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Shaped like the contours of the eye to make application super simple.
Easily applies gel, cake and cream liners smoothly on to lash line.

Use & Care:

Apply product smoothly against lash line.

To Clean:

Brushes can easily be cleaned with a makeup remover or face wipe. Natrafil® filaments allow for easy and frequent cleaning without altering softness or performance. Air dry flat.

Pair with:

Gel, cake and cream liner.

For an easy liner application when you don't have a steady hand, draw thin, stroked lines on your eyelid and go back in to fill in any spots.