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Shader Brush

Use this brush to seamlessly apply the perfect single layer of colour for simply beautiful lids—or apply blendable base layers for next steps with the Brush IQ Blender Brush. The soft signature fibers of the Shader Brush help soften edges without irritation for laying down perfect lid foundation colors. Ideal for a lovely one colour look or pairs perfectly with the Blender Brush to create artfully smoky eye effects or any layered, blended eye makeup trend


Multifunctional signature fibers skillfully soften hard edges.

Use & Care:

Apply product to brush head and use small sweeps starting in the inner eye corner moving out.
Or use to apply base shadows to lids in one easy motion as prep to use the Brush IQ Blender Brush to build and blend layers.

To Clean:

Brushes can easily be cleaned with a makeup remover or face wipe. Natrafil® filaments allow for easy and frequent cleaning without altering softness or performance. Air dry flat.

Pair with:

Pressed & baked shadows, loose pigments and wet-dry products.

Pack on colours, blend and create beautiful eye looks with our Shader Brush!