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Ultra Precision Cuticle Nipper

The Ultra Precision Cuticle Nipper for the ultimate in nail and hand care.


Introducing Tweezerman’s Ultra Precision Series: Ultra Thin & Fine Filed Precision Tips • Super Durable • Corrosion Resistant • Gorgeous gold finish • Friction Reducing 


Benefits of the Finish: 

• Protective layer increases tool-life

• The coating is incredibly corrosion resistant

• Reduced friction increases the useable life of the tool and makes gliding ergonomics easier, for smooth, super-precise use of edges


Available exclusively at Harrods Now. Click HERE to view at

Comfortable handles and precision blades make maneuvering around the nail to snip hangnails and dead-skin-build-up a cinch.

Fans of beautiful hands come back to Tweezerman again and again for the quality and true functionality of our designs.  We make nippers that won't pull or yank when trimming hangnails and cuticles.  All our nippers have perfectly aligned tips that are hand-filed to meticulous sharpness for a precise cut every time.  Smooth, double spring-action is another hallmark — designed to hold up to regular wear and tear, the springs are guaranteed for the life of the tool.

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