Blackhead Extractor Tool


Our dermatologist-tested blackhead remover expertly removes mature and deep blackheads, and it’s so easy to use, you can do it at home. The unique shape gently and safely squeezes visible blackheads from pores before lifting them. The curved shape protects the skin from breaking or scarring and is easy to clean to protect pores from bacteria. 


  • The Blackhead Extractor doesn’t leave marks on the skin or cause inflammation from removing blackheads
  • Designed to remove mature and deep blackheads
  • A dermatologist-tested blackhead removal tool
  • Proven safe to use at home
  • Made from stainless steel, the extractor is sanitary, durable and easy to clean
  • The Blackhead Extractor comes with the same precision, quality and trust as our award-winning Tweezerman Tweezers
  • A skincare must-have that can be teamed with our No-Slip Skincare Tool, which removes more visible blackheads closer to the surface as well as whiteheads


Clean the Blackhead Extractor Tool before and after each use by wiping thoroughly with alcohol. Dry before storing. Keep out of reach of children. Extractor can be sanitized in an autoclave or barbicide. CAUTION:   Use only on visible blackheads.
  • Use only on clean skin. 
  • Do not press hard against skin. 
  • Do not pierce or puncture skin with tips of tool.
  • Do not use on broken and/or irritated skin including but not limited to acne, whiteheads, cystic acne, sunburn, psoriasis, eczema and/or any other skin condition.
  • Do not use on lips, in or around eye, eyelid, under eye area and/or eyebrows.
  • Handle with care - item is sharp and may result in undesired damage to skin if used in a manner not listed.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Tool Tips

    Tool Tips
    Clean the tool before each use with alcohol. 
  • Wash skin with warm to hot water and gentle cleanser to open pores. Pat skin dry. 
  • With one hand, hold the tool with thumb and index finger (similar to a tweezer). With the opposite hand, hold skin taut. 
  • Hold flat portion of tips parallel to surface of skin with tips placed on either side of visible blackheads. Do not use on lips, in or around eye, eyelid, under eye area and/or eyebrows. 
  • Press down lightly to force the blackhead from the skin. 
  • Once the blackhead starts to rise above the surface of the skin, squeeze the tool to close the tips around the blackhead.
  • Roll the tool forward and lift the curved tips up and away from the skin to remove the blackhead. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.
  • Faq

    Is the Blackhead Extractor safe to use?

    Absolutely! Our blackhead removal tool has been proven safe to use at home and is dermatologist-tested.

    How do you prepare for blackhead removal?

    Always ensure you’ve cleaned the blackhead removal tool before use and make sure you’ve thoroughly washed your skin. It helps to remove blackheads just after a shower or bath when the steam has allowed pores to open.

    How much pressure should I apply to remove blackheads?

    First things first, do not use your fingertips or nails to remove blackheads. Dirt or excess oil on your hands can get into the pore, making it worse, breaking the skin, or leaving the skin looking inflamed and red. Blackhead removal tools press and roll against the skin naturally with minimal pressure and tension to “pinch” the tips together, squeezing a deep blackhead from the pore.

    Are blackhead removal tools safe to use at home?

    Yes! Make sure you’re choosing a tool that has been dermatologist-tested and is proven safe to use at home, such as our Blackhead Extractor. The blackhead removal tool is made from stainless steel, so it’s easy to clean between uses to keep skin clean and clear.

    How can I remove blackheads at home?

    Our Blackhead Extractor is dermatologist-tested, which means it’s safe for anyone to use. That means that you can use the tool to remove blackheads from the comfort of your own home. The great thing about our blackhead removal tool is that it’s designed to not leave marks on your skin which is often caused by applying pressure with fingertips and nails to squeeze the blackhead from the pore.

    How do I get rid of deeply embedded blackheads?

    Our blackhead removal tool has been expertly designed specifically to remove mature and deep blackheads. Whether that’s blackheads on the nose, back or other areas, the removal tool safely rolls against the skin to gently squeeze the blackhead from the pore.

    What happens if you don’t remove blackheads?

    Pores containing blackheads can sometimes become infected, and the skin around it inflamed. This causes acne and can lead to people trying to ‘pop’ pimples or red bumps that contain black and whiteheads beneath the visible surface. This can make the area worse and lead to infection. For visibly deep blackheads, the Blackhead Extractor is dermatologist-tested. Simply curve the blackhead tool upwards so that the unique shape allows the user to squeeze out visible blackheads safely.

    What is the difference between the Blackhead Extractor and the No-Slip Skincare Tool?

    The Blackhead Extractor is an advanced and dermatologist-tested tool used for mature blackheads only. The No-Slip Skincare Tool features two loops on each side of the tool meant for both visible blackheads and whiteheads.

    Why is the Blackhead Extractor curved at the end?

    This blackhead removal tool is curved at the end for safely squeezing out visible blackheads with the press, squeeze, roll and lift method.

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