Bold Brows: Valentine's Edition

Bold Brows: Valentine's Edition
Gabriella | Tweezerman UK

It’s the most romantic week of the year – Valentine’s week. Whatever you have planned; wine and dine, date night drinks, party with your friends or a cosy night in, we think this bold red-lip look is perfect.

Of course, red is the colour of Feb. It’s the fiery colour that represents love and if you’re going to pull off a bold red-lip look any time of the year, it’s going to be now!

You should balance out your bold lip with equally as bold brows – any makeup look is 50% product and 50% tools and application, you can’t just chuck on make-up unless you’ve got the base right and we’re going to talk you through step-by-step to those fierce brows…

Step 1 / You will need: Brow Spoolie (Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush)

Brush your brows upwards, so all hairs are standing up straight! This will identify which hairs  are stray and need to be tweezed.

Step 2 / You will need: Slant Tip (Tweezerman Slant Tweezer)

Pluck away the strays you have just discovered by using a pair of Slanted Tweezers. Our Slant Tweezers come full-sized or mini (and sometimes micro mini!) and in a variety of colours and patterns for every mood. You can choose from 12 full-size Tweezers or 7 minis…

To ease tweezing, do it after a hot shower whilst your pores are open. The steam will also help to soften your hair follicles if you tend to be a bit sensitive to tweezing. You can also use a warm washcloth to do this… but not too hot!

Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid snapping or in-grown hairs. Use the Slant Tip to isolate the hair and pull right from the root – easy peasy!

Step 3 / You will need: Point Tip (Tweezerman Point Tweezer)

The Point Tweezers are just as important as the Slanted ones…

So you’ve identified which hairs need tweezing and plucked those naughty strays away, but now you have to deal with the baby-fine hairs that are just almost too invisible to tweeze, but become very obvious as soon as you leave the house.

The Point Tweezer’s tips are more angled and precise for those more difficult and hard-to-grab hairs. The pointed tip ensures you can get right underneath the hair ready to pull straight out from the root!

Step 4 / You will need: Spoolie and Scissors (Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush)

Now that there isn’t a single hair out of place, we can tackle the brow itself… When brow hairs get too long they begin to curl downwards and can, ironically, make brows appear “gappy” and less full.

Brush brows upwards again to determine which hairs are just too long. As before, ensure the hairs strand up straight!

Looking above your brow, rest the bottom-blade of the scissor against your skin for added control, and then snup any hairs that go beyond the top of your brow. Ensure you cut steadily to avoid any miss-trims! Brush brows downwards and snip any hairs that fall beneath your lower brow-line.

Give a final brush through so your hairs sit naturally again.

Step 5 / Tweezerman Browmousse

Finish off your bold-brow look using your favourite powders, pomades and cosmetic creams to fill in any gaps and enhance that clean, sharp brow. Finally, comb through your finished brows with our clear Browmousse gel to set your brows in place all day, all night. The feather-light formula conditions as it hardens and holds for an untouchable, flake-free look.

And there you have it, bold brows for a bold lip and a solid Valentines look – whatever your plans!


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