Brow Scissors & Brush


When it comes to brow shaping, brow scissors are a must-have and the Tweezerman Eyebrow Scissors feature ultra-thin blades customed design for eyebrow trimming. Its sharp blades are key to evenly trimming eyebrow hair and keeping control of the shape for those perfectly fluffy or arched brows. 

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● Sharp and ultra-thin blades, the key to even eyebrow trimming
● Precision tips ensure you're only trimming unwanted eyebrow hair
● The small body & finger loop is designed to offer optimal control
● The small eyebrow scissors are made in Italy using professional quality stainless steel
● Our thick, nylon-bristled brush is included for shaping eyebrows into place for a feathered, natural look


Clean scissors with soap and water or alcohol. Wipe brush clean with a makeup wipe or wash with soap and water and allow to dry.  

Tool Tips

Tool Tips
  1. Brush brows up using the spoolie to determine which hairs need trimming.
  2. Use precision tips to isolate and gently lift hair to be cut. 
  3. Cut one hair at a time. Use brush again to reshape. CAUTION: Scissors are sharp, handle with care.

Before & After

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Should you trim eyebrows with scissors?

A lot of brow technicians use eyebrow scissors to trim brows as part of their eyebrow shaping technique. Some technicians and makeup artists trim in a line once an eyebrow has been brushed into shape and others gently snip at hairs for a more feathered, natural look.

Why cut eyebrow hair? And does trimming eyebrows make them thicker?

Brow hair stops growing at a certain length and often falls out naturally. Trimming brow hair maintains the overall shape and gives the effect of a fuller eyebrow, as eyebrow hair lengths catch up with each other from new hair growth.

How often should I trim my eyebrows?

When it comes to eyebrow trimming, we’d urge you to be conservative and take your time. Brush the brow hair upward to see the length of the eyebrow hair, but don’t simply cut straight across the hair in one seamless trim. This can leave the hair looking choppy and or abrupt - especially if you like a bushier, fluffier brow - so instead, trim individual hairs that are looking too long and unruly.

What scissors are best for eyebrows?

The Tweezerman Eyebrow Scissors have been specially designed just for eyebrow trimming. The flat, blunt edge of the blades sits perfectly against the brow bone for easy and controlled trimming.

What tools do I need for brow shaping?

Alongside a pair of Eyebrow Scissors, we’d recommend using a Slant Tweezer, Browmousse and a Magnified Mirror. Our Eyebrow Scissors come with a brush, however, there’s the Brow & Lash Brush too, which is great if you’re working on clients with its long handle.

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