We are addressing our carbon emissions by partnering with Climate Partner to compensate for our production footprint. In 2022, we will offset over 720,000 kg of CO2. It would take 852 acres of trees to consume that much CO2 per year.

Ocean Protection

We are supporting protection initiatives and will save close to 2 million plastic bottles from reaching our oceans this year. This benefits underdeveloped communities while protecting our marine life.


We are supporting the reforestation of degraded agricultural land. This project supports farming families cultivate the land while restoring the forests to create habitats for animal and plant species.

fTo celebrate Earth Month 2023, Tweezerman UK partnered with Just One Tree, a non-profit organisation removing CO2 from the atmosphere through global reforestation. 

We donated £1 for every order placed on the website during the month of April. In total, we were able to plant a total of 452 trees!

Contribution To UN Sustainable Development Goals

No Poverty

Members receive a fair & stable income for the plastic they collect. Plastic Bank pays additional incentives to further improve quality of life and access to life necessities.

Zero Hunger

Plastic Bank branches offer fresh food in exchange for collected plastic. Most of this food is locally sourced and carries high nutritional value.

Good Health and Well-Being

Depending on location, members can redeem plastic for first aid kits, health insurance, or other needs. Removing plastic from water supplies helps to create cleaner living environments.

Quality Education

In Haiti, members can use plastic to pay for their child’s school tuition. A zero-tolerance policy on child labour is supported by Plastic Bank's commitment to keep children in school.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Members can exchange plastic for clean drinking water. Corporate partners help to provide soap, shampoo and other sanitation products to the member communities. The removal of plastic from waterways reduces the toxicity of local water supplies.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Members can exchange plastic for portable solar-powered lamps, which also serve as a powerbank that can charge phones and other electronics.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Plastic Bank has created jobs for 2,300 collectors in the world's poorest countries, enforcing strict policies to uphold labour and human rights. It seeks local partners to transport, process, and ship Social Plastic to inject maximum value into the local economy.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

In regions with a lack of waste management infrastructure, Plastic Bank connects shippers, plastics processors, freighters and builds a recycling circular economy.

Reduced Inequalities

Any adult in need can participate in the program. They can open a secure digital banking account - often the first bank account in their lifetime - that is safe from corruption or theft. This financial inclusion is key to bridging the gap between the developed world and the underserved.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable, circular economies replace the linear, wasteful models currently in place in developing regions. Redefining the waste strategies of these communities is key to unlock other forms of sustainable development.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Social Plastic is incorporated into the supply chains of multinational companies to reduce the demand for virgin plastic and alleviate the environmental effects related to plastic production. Consumers can identify the Social Plastic logo on product packaging to help guide responsible consumption choices.

Climate Action

Healthy oceans are vital to stabilising the climate; the wind park in the Philippines generates verified Gold Standard emission reductions.

Life Below Water

By offsetting one tonne of CO2, 10 kg of plastic are collected. This corresponds to approx. 500 plastic bottles. In this way, the project protects marine life, microorganisms and endangered species.

Life on Land

The project helps preserve an entire ecosystem which provides a habitat for many animal and plant species. At the same time, the area is better protected against erosion.

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