Facial Razor


Tweezerman's Facial Razor provides easy removal of peach fuzz while gently exfoliating skin. Perfect for prepping skin for makeup application and skincare products, the Facial Razor has been designed for comfortable handling and optimal performance with 3 replacement blades included.


  • Provides easy removal of peach fuzz and gentle exfoliation of dull, dead skin
  • By removing facial hair, it creates a smooth surface for makeup application and penetration of skincare products
  • Stainless steel blades are sanitary, durable and easy to clean
  • For optimal performance, replace razor blades every 2 - 3 months or as needed; 3 replacement blades included


Clean with alcohol to prevent infection and bacteria build-up before and after each use. Place the cap back on the razors after use and store in a dry place. Handle razor with care, blade is sharp.

Tool Tips

Tool Tips
  1. Start with clean and moisturised skin OR use while washing your face, with your face wash still on the skin.
  2. After removing cap from tool, hold the razor at an angle and apply short, feathery strokes downward and with light pressure anywhere you need to remove excess hair.
  3. Once finished, rinse face and apply moisturiser or serum to avoid drying.
  4. Rinse razor with warm water or an alcohol wipe to clean. Once dry, replace cap and store.


Is a Facial Razor good for skin?

A lot of people choose to use a facial razor to remove hair, debris, dead skin cells, and excess sebum oil. This brightens complexions and allows facial creams and oils to soak into the skin easily. It’s a great way to create a smooth surface for makeup application too. As long as you’re using a Facial Razor gently and applying facial oil to the skin before you do so, it shouldn’t damage your skin.

Do Facial Razors make hair grow back thicker?

This has become something of a myth when it comes to shaving. Hair doesn’t grow back thicker when it’s shaved. Shaving hair leaves a blunt tip at the surface of the skin and as the hair regrows, it can have the appearance of being thicker or darker but it isn’t.

Do I need to shave my face or remove peach fuzz?

Facial shaving is completely optional and down to each individual's personal preference. It has its pros and cons like anything else. It’s great for creating a smooth, even surface for makeup application but some people don’t want the maintenance of having to shave their face regularly.

I’m prone to acne, can I shave my face?

Some dermatologists will not recommend facial shaving as it might be too harsh on breakouts and increase scarring. When removing hair with a Facial Razor, it’s going to need regular upkeep if you want to keep skin hair-free. We’d recommend discussing with your dermatologist or health care professional before removing hair with a Facial Razor as everyone’s acne is different and needs different care.

Is the Facial Razor for women’s hair removal?

Whilst men can use the Facial Razor, it’s designed for women to use to remove facial hair. Men’s facial hair is much coarser, whereas women’s facial hair is generally finer “peach fuzz” that can be shaved with a Facial Razor as opposed to a disposable or cartridge razor.

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