5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Tweezerman - 5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

The Tweezerman Father's Day Gift Guide

G.E.A.R. Travel Tool Essentials KitG.E.A.R. Travel Tool Essentials Kit



Sometimes Dad's can be hard to shop for when it comes to Father's Day - so we've put together five of our customer's favourite tools as gift ideas to keep Dad looking well-groomed. If you want to bypass the mandatory socks, aftershave and a bottle of something special, take a look at our expertly made precision tools for him.

G.E.A.R. Nose Hair Trimmer

Dad's that are into gadgets and keeping well-maintained in their appearance will love this Nose Hair Trimmer. There's no need for batteries or mains with this nose trimmer, as it works by simply squeezing the handles for the precision blades to rotate and cut hair. It's been designed to be comfortable and to never be in contact with the skin to prevent nicks and cuts inside the nose. This Grooming Tool can also be used on ear hair.

G.E.A.R. Nose Hair TrimmerG.E.A.R. Nose Hair Trimmer
G.E.A.R. Ingrown Hair / SplintertweezeG.E.A.R. Ingrown Hair / Splintertweeze


G.E.A.R. Ingrown Hair / Splintertweeze

Is Dad prone to ingrown hairs or to getting splinters? This tool has long pointed precision tips that are specifically crafted for accuracy when removing anything embedded beneath the skin. The tool can remove ingrown hairs, glass, thorns and splinters of any kind and are stainless steel for easy cleaning and durability. 


G.E.A.R Precision Grip Toenail Clipper

Heavy-duty convenience for neat feet! These Toenail Clippers are sharp with straight blades to trim even the toughest toenails with precision. Its built-in case catches clippings and slides off for easy clean up after trimming nails, with stainless steel blades for durability and easy cleaning.

G.E.A.R Precision Grip Toenail ClipperG.E.A.R Precision Grip Toenail Clipper
G.E.A.R. Essential Grooming KitG.E.A.R. Essential Grooming Kit



G.E.A.R. Essential Grooming Kit

Consider one of the must-have tools for men's grooming, the high quality hand-filed tools offer ultimate effectiveness and are presented in a soft carry case. 



The Grooming Kit comes with four tools:


  1. Tweezerette for ingrown hair/splinter removal
  2. Facial Hair Scissors for precise cutting
  3. Fingernail Clipper with heavy duty curved blades for trimming nails with precision
  4. Multi-use Nail Tool combing a cuticle pusher, nail cleaner and build-in nickel abrader for filing nails



These handy tools make up the perfect on-the-go grooming kit for Dad, whether he's at home or on his travels, these thoughtful tools are great for trimming beads, stubble, removing ingrown hairs, trimming brow hair, and keeping hands well-groomed.



G.E.A.R. Travel Tool Essentials Kit

Small but super effective and precise, the Travel Tool Essentials Kit is great for on-the-go grooming or gift-giving for anyone! This tidy, space-saving set of mini personal care tools meets all your grooming needs at home or wherever you go. Travel Tool Essentials Kit 

G.E.A.R. Travel Tool Essentials KitG.E.A.R. Travel Tool Essentials Kit


The kit comes with the following tools for Dad:


  1. Mini Slant Tweezer for precision tweezing and stray hair removal
  2. Mini Skin Care Tool to safely and gently remove blackheads & whiteheads
  3. Mini Moustache Comb for neatly groomed facial hair
  4. Precision Folding Razor that has been designed for quick, pain-free touch-ups for facial hair to maintain a well-groomed look


Not quite what you're looking for? See more gift ideas for him here.


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