6 Rose Gold Beauty Tools You Didn't Know You Needed

6 Rose Gold Beauty Tools You Didn't Know You Needed
Rose Gold Slant TweezerRose Gold Slant Tweezer




The gorgeously pink and warmer toned rose gold makes everything look and feel more luxurious. From accessories to homeware to makeup, we’ve put together our top rose gold Beauty Tools that you didn’t know you needed, to make your dressing table complete, until now.

Whether you're looking for Tweezerman Tweezers with hand-filed tips and calibrated tension for expert precision or Eyelash Curlers from our Lash Logic range for different eye shapes, we've got the rose gold Beauty Tool for your daily makeup routine. 




Rose Gold Slant Tweezer





Expertly shape your brows with our Classic Slant tipped Tweezer. The Rose Gold Slant Tweezer has the same award-winning precision tips and calibrated tension as the Classic Slant Tweezer (winner of CEW UK’s Best Beauty Icon 2019 and Allure Editor’s Best in Beauty since 2001 to date). The perfectly aligned tips work to grab every hair, every time, and come with our famous guarantee - a free sharpening service for your Tweezers.




Rose Gold Slant TweezerRose Gold Slant Tweezer

ProCurl Lash Curler

ProCurl Lash CurlerProCurl Lash Curler



The ProCurl Lash Curler in a rose gold finish has been designed as part of our Lash Logic series of Curlers that are custom made for eye shape. The tailored radius’s are skilfully shaped and curved for diverse eye shapes, so no lash goes uncurled or caught. The award-winning ProCurl Lash Curler is ideal for round shaped eyes for optimum lift and curl of lashes. The silicone pads are thick and hypoallergenic with 3 placement pads included.



Rose Gold Classic Curler





Our expertly crafted Classic Lash Curler in a rose gold finish gives natural lashes a dramatically beautiful lash lift and curl. From beauty beginners to professional MUAs, the Rose Gold Classic Curler is easy to use and is a must-have for anyone’s makeup bag.




Rose Gold Mini Slant and 10x Mirror Duo

Rose Gold Mini Slant and 10x Mirror DuoRose Gold Mini Slant and 10x Mirror Duo




The Rose Gold Mini Slant Tweezer has the exact same award winning precision as the full sized Slant Tweezer. Mini’s are perfect for on-the-go brow shaping, strip lash application and travel essential beauty tools. Alongside the Tweezer, the Rose Gold 10x Magnifying Mirror with suction cups can be used anywhere to mount on any clean, flat surface for brow shaping, makeup application or contact lense changes




Sparkle and Shine Gift Set




Whether you just feel like treating yourself (because, why not?) or you’re looking for something special for someone else, the Sparkle and Shine Gift Set features the Rose Gold Glitter Slant Tweezer and is paired with our rose gold ProCurl Lash Curler. The luxe, faux-snakeskin travel bag in a soft rose-petal pink fits both tools and any other beauty tools you wish to keep safe. ProCurl Lash Curler is custom-designed to fit round shaped eyes with hypoallergenic silicone pads. Rose Gold Glitter Slant Tweezer has the same award-winning precision as the Classic Slant Tweezer.




Sparkle and Shine Gift SetSparkle and Shine Gift Set

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