6 Tools You Need In Your Makeup Bag For Perfect Brows At Home

6 Tools You Need In Your Makeup Bag For Perfect Brows At Home

We just want the best for your brows at Tweezerman UK and there’s nothing quite like perfectly shaped eyebrows. We’ve put together our favourite professional beauty tools for upping your brow game at home for a killer pair of eyebrows. It’s true what they say… eyebrows are 90% of your selfie, so are your brows ready to get in the best shape of their life? We think so.


Classic Slant TweezerClassic Slant Tweezer

Classic Slant Tweezer in Stainless Steel




Our award winning Classic Slant Tweezer is famous for its precision, grabbing every hair, every time, and making brow shaping easy for professionals and at home beauty enthusiasts. The perfectly aligned, hand filed tips and calibrated tension allows for easy, guided use and its stainless steel finish makes for quick cleaning.





Winning CEW UK’s Best Beauty Icon 2019 and Allure Editor’s Best in Beauty award since 2001 to date, the Classic Slant Tweezer is sure to offer a superior tweeze. If stainless steel isn’t your thing, we offer a whole range of Slant Tweezers with colourful and patterned enamel finishes with the same famous precision. See the full range.


Mini Slant Tweezer Pineapple Punch



A mini version of our award-winning Slant Tweezers, our range of Mini Slant Tweezers are perfect for quick brow touch-ups and on-the-go brow shaping. Great for carrying as your second pair of Tweezers in your handbag, gym bag or a travel tool essential. The fresh, fun and fruity pineapple pattern is one of our limited edition prints but if that’s not quite your style, we have a whole range of Mini Slant Tweezers in different patterns and colours.



Mini Slant Tweezer Pineapple PunchMini Slant Tweezer Pineapple Punch

Classic Point TweezerClassic Point Tweezer

Classic Point Tweezer





Point Tweezers are perfect for catching those extra fine hairs with their finely tapered tips. With perfectly aligned tips and calibrated tension, the Classic Point Tweezer is also effective for ingrown hair removal. See our full range of Point Tweezers.



Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush





Our Shaping Scissors have ultra thin blades which are custom designed to trim brow hair. The uniquely contoured shape of the scissors body allows for comfortable handling and expert trimming whilst shaping brows. Also included is our Brow Spoolie Brush for combing brow hair out before and after trimming.



Brow Shaping Scissors & BrushBrow Shaping Scissors & Brush

Precision Folding RazorPrecision Folding Razor

Precision Folding Razor





The Precision Folding Razor has been designed to trim hard to reach hair in delicate and sensitive areas. The high-quality stainless steel blades are dual-sided for quick and pain-free hair removal and are portable for on-the-go brow shaping with a folding design to keep the blade safely tucked away. As well as the brows, the Precision Folding Razor can also be used on areas such as the upper lip and bikini line. 








Keep your perfectly shaped brows in place all day long with a few sweeps of our Browmousse to keep brows tame and makeup set. The comb-wand coats hair to set in place without faking and is quick to dry with an invisible finish, making Browmousse perfect for any hair colour. Our lightweight formula is free of any dyes and perfumes, so it’s safe for sensitive skin types too.




Browmousse Tweezerman UKBrowmousse Tweezerman UK

LED 15x Mini Mirror 6796-R | Tweezerman UKLED 15x Mini Mirror 6796-R | Tweezerman UK

LED 15x Mini Mirror




The Mini LED lighted 15x magnification Mirror is perfect for catching those fine hairs that can’t always be seen in natural light. The Mirror is clear from edge to edge and has absolutely no distortion, making them perfect for tweezing brows for that perfect full arch. Suction cups make it easy to mount the Mirror on any smooth and clean surface.






Not quite found what you were looking for? Check out our full range of brow tools.


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