7 Essential Beauty Tools For Your Travel Makeup Bag

Tweezerman - 7 Essential Beauty Tools For Your Travel Makeup Bag

Beauty Tools That'll Fit in Your Travel Makeup Bag



There's nothing worse than going on holiday and forgetting your favourite Beauty Tools or wishing you had the right ones for the job. It's so easy to overpack and sometimes it ends up being just the beauty essentials that you needed to look refreshed and radiant on holiday anyway. We put together our top picks for your travel makeup bag this summer to keep your lashes curled, eyebrows shaped to perfection and complexion radiant whilst sunkissed.


Mini Slant Tweezer


A Mini Slant Tweezer is a must for anyone's handbag and that goes for your travel bag too. Half the size of a standard Slant Tweezer, Mini's are perfect for cutting down space and make it easy to pluck a couple of stray, fine hairs on the go. The Pineapple Punch and Pink Lemonade Mini Slant Tweezers are 2019's limited edition print and all the vibes needed to get your holiday started. Our Mini Slant Tweezers have the same famous precision as the award winning full size Slant Tweezer with stainless steel tips, hand-finished for the perfect angle to catch and tweeze hair.


Onyx Great Grip Eyelash Curler


If you're not in the mood for mascara on holiday, the Onyx Great Grip Eyelash Curler will give you long lasting lift and curl. Easy to handle and comfortable to use, prepare yourself for gorgeously intense lashes without the need for extensions. The padded handles allow for expert, no-slip grip and each Curler comes with 3 replacement pads.


LED 15x Mini Mirror


Ever stayed in a hotel with the worst possible mirror or lighting to do your makeup application? Never again! The LED 15x Mini Mirror is miniature in size which makes it perfect for travel and its lighted surround offers a bright light for total clarity. The mirror itself has 15x magnification with no distortion and suction cups to attach to any smooth, clean surface.





Bbuddy Blender Sponge

The Bbuddy Blender Sponge is exclusively available online and is designed to precisely apply and deposit product evenly on the skin. Its rounded and flat surfaces work to beautifully blend larger areas. 





Bbuddy Blender SpongeBbuddy Blender Sponge


The sponge's tapered tip also handles tight corners around the eyes, nose and brows for perfect precision. Top Tip: Blender Sponges are made from open cell foam which means wetting them not only expands the sponge to give it a smoother surface for application, but it also stops product from being soaked up by the sponge to evenly apply liquid makeup on the skin. Read more about how to use blender sponges.


Mini Nail Rescue Kit


For those mani emergencies when nails are broken or chipped. This essential nail care kit is small and handy to keep in your bag at all times, so whenever you snag a nail you'll be able to fix it in no time. Fast relief for your nails anywhere, anytime with the Mini Nail Rescue Kit.


Stainless Steel Nail Scissors


These Stainless Steel Nail Scissors have heavy-duty blades for meticulous accuracy when cutting nails but are also perfect for those quick fixes that many of us are guilty of, such as leaving tags on new clothes or finding fraying threads!


Ingrown Hair / Splintertweeze


Whether you shave or wax, many of us are prone to ingrown hairs and they can look unsightly and feel uncomfortable on holiday, especially around the bikini line when wearing swimwear. The Ingrown Hair / Splintertweeze will remove anything embedded under the skin with its long, pointed precision tips that are crafted for easy accuracy. They're a must-have on holiday and can work a charm for mum's with children prone to splinters too. Not found the tool you're looking for? Shop more Tweezerman Tools.


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