Hall Of Fame| Tweezerman Award-Winning Beauty Tools

Tweezerman award-winning beauty tools

Here at Tweezerman we are so proud to be continually honoured with an array of awards for our beauty tools. From the launch of our first product, the Splintertweeze/Ingrown Hair Remover to being the first brand to bring coloured tweezers to the market, we have been recognised in the beauty industry for over 40 years for the quality and innovation of our beauty tools. Since then we have continued to create top-rated tools that you can add to your beauty routine, so let's take a look at our hall of fame award winners...


Classic Slant Tweezer Stainless Steel

The Classic Slant Tweezer is one of the most recognisable beauty tools within the beauty industry and has won Allure’s Best in Beauty award since 2001 to date, is the winner of CEW Best Classic Beauty Product 2018 and CEW Best Beauty Icon 2019! We have also been nominated for the CEW Best Beauty Icon 2020 too - let's hope it's another win!

Furthermore, our Classic Slant Tweezer has recently won the Woman & Home Beauty Award 2020 for Best Icon. Health, beauty, and wellbeing journalist, Sarah Cooper-White writes,


'I have had a few pairs of these over the years. No other tweezers work quite as well at gripping hairs.'

-Sarah Cooper-White 


Full Size Slant Tweezers 

Did you know that Tweezerman were the first to introduce coloured tweezers to the market in 1983? Whilst our Classic Slant Tweezer in stainless steel is perfect for salon and professional use, our colourful Slant Tweezers come in many pretty patterns, prints and colours that are sure to brighten up any makeup bag. With the same amazing quality, including hand-filed tips, our Full Size Slant Tweezers have been awarded the Allure Best of Beauty every year from 2001 to 2019.

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Naomi Lake is a huge Tweezerman brand fan and is never without her Tweezerman Tweezers when on set.


"I'm never without Tweezerman tweezers in my kit. Strong and sharp, they keep movements swift and precise when plucking, making sure your client or model (or you!) is always comfortable!

I think I can safely say we have all been missing our brow artists recently - I hope I've been sensitive to her ongoing work during lockdown! My Tweezerman Slant Tweezer has been a lifesaver for stray hairs and little touch-ups. I can use the wider slanted tip to gently hold hairs out the way whilst I decide if they really need to go - usually the job of my artist!"

-Naomi Lake


Take a look at all of Naomi's Tweezerman Pro Picks here.


Mini Slant Tweezer 

Next, we have the mini versions of our Full Size Slant Tweezers in cute colours but with the same salon-worthy precision. Our Mini Slant Tweezer picked up the 'New Kid On The Block' Sainsburys Beauty Award in 2019. These pocket-sized beauty tools are perfect for on-the-go grooming and travel as they are TSA compliant!

Classic Lash Curler

We were super excited when our best-selling Classic Lash Curler was named the Independent’s Indy/Best BEST BUY within the "10 best eyelash curlers that enhance, lift and add drama to your lashes" category!


“If we could design the perfect lash curler, this would be it. Curved subtly enough to reach even the tiniest of corner lashes, it grips super close to the root and doesn’t catch the delicate skin of your eyelid. While a lot of lash curlers come with rubber pads, these are silicone, which causes less irritation.”

– The Independent


A beauty staple when it comes to curling your lashes, the Classic Lash Curler can be used with any eye shape and is perfect for those with straight lashes, as it gives lashes a dramatically beautiful curl without creasing the lash.


Lash Logic Series of Curlers

Our Lash Logic series of Eyelash Curlers have tailored radiuses that are skillfully curved for diverse eye shapes, so no lash goes uncurled. These two beauty tools have also bagged themselves awards over the years. The ProCurl Lash Curler is one of the top eyelash curlers in the UK, with its double-bodied design for strength and control, and its curved design for round eyes to reach every last lash. The ProMaster Lash Curler, perfect for almond or deep set eyes is a firm favourite of Lauren Pope who has featured the ProMaster on her Instagram account, using it as part of her makeup looks.


“I googled Almond shaped Eyelash Curlers and I got these from Tweezerman and I love them. They just fit all the eyelashes in. They’re not as curved, so it’s flatter, so you don’t get the kinky ones at the end.”

- Lauren Pope


Lash Assist

Need help applying false lashes safely and easily? You found it with the Tweezerman Lash Assist. Designed with the same precision as our award-winning Slant Tweezer, the Lash Assist features a curved tip, allowing for easy application and clear visibility when applying false lashes. Our award-winning Lash Assist can also be found in the kit of renowned Makeup Artists, including MUA Sarah Brock. 


 "Other products I can’t be without from Tweezerman are the Lash Assist tweezers which are amazing for applying individual lashes"

- Sarah Brock, MUA

Dual Sided Pushy

It's more than tweezers! We are also recognised in the beauty industry for our manicure and pedicure beauty tools too. Our Dual Sided Pushy won the Glamour Beauty Power List award in 2019. An essential for at-home DIY manicures, with a soft touch body to provide a secure grip the Dual Sided Pushy ensures expert cuticle and nail grooming.


Pushy And Nail Cleaner

This popular manicure and pedicure tool has also won the Glamour Beauty Power List award many times over the years and most recently it was announced that it had won for 2020 too! With half a million voters it is clear that the Pushy And Nail Cleaner remains a winner for professional and beauty enthusiasts alike!


So there's the roundup of our hall of fame beauty tool winners, let's hope there are more awards on the way too! Shop all of our award winners here. 


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