Facial Hair Removers From Tweezerman

Facial Hair Removers From Tweezerman

Facial hair removal tools are the go-to for those with sensitive skin, who need to avoid wax or harsh chemicals.


Facial hair removal can be seen as one of those ‘taboo’ topics that a lot of people don’t like to talk about. Truth be told, facial hair on women is completely normal and we all have it, but for some, it’s more visible than others. We might find ourselves feeling self-conscious about the presence of facial hair and that’s understandable, we’ve been told to remove it for a long time, however, whether you choose to or not is entirely up to you.


We have a range of tools for facial hair removal should you choose to, which can be used from the comfort of your own home. Facial hair has been removed by the likes of models and makeup artists for years, often for close up photoshoots but also, because facial hair can act as a barrier against makeup like foundations and bronzers, as well as poor penetration for skincare products that revitalise and hydrate our skin. And with our faces often taking the brunt of the outdoor elements, we want our skin to be as cared for as we can (so don’t forget your SPF!)



Precision Folding Razor


The Precision Folding Razor has a sharp stainless steel blade for easy cleaning, which can be used to glide against the skin in slow, short strokes in the direction of hair growth to remove the hair. As the blade is quite small, it can be used in areas such as the brow line, the upper lip, cheeks, sideburns, around the chin and jawline too. The tool easily folds in two so that it can be safely stored in your makeup bag with your other beauty tools.


  • Dual-sided razor for quick and pain-free facial hair removal.
  • Portable to take on-the-go, the folding design allows blades to be safely tucked away when not in use.

Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover


The Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover effortlessly removes unwanted hair from the neck, chin, cheeks and upper lip. The innovative design means that hair can be tweezed on mass from the skin with the twist of the handles of the tool. Much the same as the feeling of hair being plucked, the hair is removed directly from the root and over time, lessens the appearance of facial hair.


An MUA and Beauty Therapist favourite, the Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover can be used from the comfort of your home. We’ve had many customers tell us they’ll use the tool whilst watching their favourite show!


  • Our Facial Hair Remover minimises the regrowth of hair as it grasps the entire hair and removes from the root.
  • The innovative design works to successfully remove areas of unwanted hair without the need for wax and chemicals found in facial hair removal creams.
  • Free Tweezerette included for any missed hairs.


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Frequently Asked Facial Hair Removal Questions


How to remove hair from your upper lip naturally?

There are lots of options from sugaring to honey to turmeric and milk if you’re not wanting to use wax or harsh chemicals on your skin. There’s the option to remove hair with a facial hair razor or to use a tool like the Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover, which removes hair like tweezers.


Why do chin and neck hairs happen?

Hair growth is impacted by hormonal phases and as women age, different hormones are triggered throughout their lifetimes. That means that hair will grow at different rates, in different places: the chin and neck being two of them. 




Is it ok to remove upper lip hair?

Yes! Both women and men have upper lip hair and it’s completely natural. Some that have darker hair shades prefer to remove hair from their upper lips but that’s entirely up to the individual. 


How can I remove facial hair in 5 minutes at home?

We’d recommend using our Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover, which plucks the hair directly from the root on mass, like a supersized tweezer.


Is it bad to remove facial hair?

It’s not bad but it is entirely down to preference. There’s a lot of stigma behind facial hair especially for women, but it’s all down to personal choice. Removing facial hair can help with makeup application and better skin penetration of skincare products. However, some have more sensitive skin than others and it can cause irritation, especially using wax or chemical hair removal creams. 


Does plucking chin hair make it grow more?

Like all hair removal, the hair will grow back eventually and at different rates. It’s also a myth that it grows back thicker and darker. The appearance of how hair grows back is largely down to how it’s removed. When we shave hair, we cut it off at its thickest, darkest section, which makes it look thicker as the hair grows back. Plucking hair is removing hair from the root and over time, it’ll work the same as waxing with hair not growing back the same as it once did.



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