How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs For Men

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs For Men

Tips For Men When Getting Rid Of Ingrown Hairs


Razor burn, shaving rash and skin irritation all come hand-in-hand for most men with regular shaving. However, it’s often ingrown hairs that lead to unsightly razor bumps that can be the most uncomfortable and cause men to feel self-conscious.


How shaving causes ingrown hair


Ingrown hairs and razor bumps can be something of a recurring condition for men that shave daily. An ingrown hair is a hair that has been cut close to the surface of the skin. More often than not, the hair lays flat to the skin and as it grows, it can curl back under the skin creating a bump. The bump itself can become red, swollen and inflamed due to the pressure of the hair or any sebum or dirt that’s entered the hair follicle. 


If you’re finding that you’re getting ingrown beard hairs, it’s likely that your hair is naturally curly and making its way beneath the skin. The same process applies to removing ingrown hair with a beard.


How to get rid of ingrown hairs


The removal of an ingrown hair should be done with care, as removing ingrown hairs too early can irritate the bump or break the skin and can lead to infection and scarring. 


Whilst an ordinary slant Tweezer might seem like the best option, when it comes to an ingrown hair, we’d always recommend using a point Tweezer for more accurately grabbing the hair and avoiding nipping at the skin.


Our Ingrown Hair/Splintertweeze, which comes in both stainless steel and a black enamel finish, has specially hand-crafted pointed tips for accurate removal of ingrown hairs. The precise pointed tips ensure even the smallest hairs can be removed.


Some razor bumps disappear but the ones that stick around, you’ll often be able to see a little dot or line where the hair sits beneath. It’s important not to squeeze or scratch at the bump, as this will only cause further irritation and possibly lead to some scaring. 


You’ll know it’s time to remove the ingrown hair, when the skin has lifted and you can see the hair is sitting above the bump or the hair itself has started to poke out of the skin. 


Start by having a shower so that the warmth and steam opens pores, and so your skin is clean and free of excess sebum and dirt. Next, simply take your pointed Tweezer and pluck the hair out of the skin. It should pull out with ease and shouldn’t be painful to remove. Lastly, wet a flannel so it’s cold (you can even place it in the fridge for 10 minutes) and apply it to the affected area for around 10 minutes to close the pore, soothe the skin and help to prevent any further infection.


How to prevent ingrown hairs


Preparation and post-shave!


If you’re wet shaving, always ensure that you’re preparing before your shave with a pre-shave balm, cream or oil, so that the blade glides smoothly and doesn’t tug at the skin. We’d recommend exfoliating once a week to brush the hairs away from the surface of the skin too.


Using beard oils!


Whether you have a beard or not, beard oil works to hydrate the hair and keep it soft and healthy. For men with beards, they might find that they’re not only getting ingrown hairs but beard itch, too. Beard itch occurs when the hair isn’t getting enough moisture and begins to draw it from the skin instead, which leads to dry and flaky skin. Beard oil ensures your beard or stubble is getting the hydration that it needs, as well as keeping hair less sharp (and less likely to go beneath the skin!)


Using the right shaving tools!


Whether you’re wet shaving, dry shaving, using an electric shaver or cartridge razor, it’s important to ensure that your blades are sharp. Cartridge razors typically last 1-week and electric shaver blades (foil or rotary) last between 12-18months. A blunt blade cuts blunt hairs and causes them to sit flat to the skin and in turn, cause ingrown hairs. 


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