How To Remove Facial Hair At Home

How to remove facial hair at home

Whilst we’ve been living in lockdown, we’ve not been able to see our Brow Technicians, Salons or pop to local department stores to our favourite threading kiosks. Facial hair removal has seen some of us using at-home wax kits, tweezers, hair removal creams and even a quick consideration for our razors.


Tweezers seem like a good option, as you’ll be pulling the hair from the root, but one hair at a time is going to be time consuming not to mention a little sore. When it comes to hair removal creams and at-home wax kits for facial hair removal, unfortunately, some of us have particularly sensitive skin that becomes irritable, reddening when chemicals are used. There’s no need to turn to your razor, either!

Hair Removal ProductsHair Removal Products


Why do women remove facial hair?


Removing facial hair allows for better makeup application and a smooth, even complexion. Not to mention the fact that it’s easier for skincare products to penetrate the skin, without hair as a barrier. Other reasons might be down to preference or helping the appearance of Hirsutism. 


Our two favourite Tweezerman Beauty Tools for removing facial hair at home are the Smooth Finish Facial hair Remover and the Precision Folding Razor.

Smooth Facial Hair RemoverSmooth Facial Hair Remover
Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover
Precision Folding RazorPrecision Folding Razor
Precision Folding Razor

Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover


The Smooth Finish Hair Remover is our innovative tool for precise, effortless and smooth facial hair removal at home. The facial hair remover has been designed for easy usage, whether that's in front of a mirror, as part of your skincare routine or whilst you're relaxing with a film, it’s really that easy to use. 


Though, it’s entirely down to personal preference as to whether you want to use facial hair removal techniques or not, our Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover was made for discreet facial hair removal from the comfort of your own home. 


The hair removal tool removes even the finest, unwanted hair quickly, easily and from the root. It’s the safest alternative for those with extra sensitive skin, especially when it comes to harsh chemicals, waxes and hair removal creams. The spring coil twists with the turn of its handles and plucks hair on mass from the root, much the same as a Tweezer does individual hairs. 


The facial hair removal tool’s technique is similar to threading and the pain isn't dissimilar to tweezing hair. It can hurt initially, but once you become accustomed to the pain and master the technique, it's a much more efficient means of hair removal at home.


Smooth Finish Facial Hair RemoverSmooth Finish Facial Hair Remover


How to remove hair with the Smooth Finish Hair Remover


Place the tool on areas of the face that you want to remove hair from, such as the chin, with the flatter side of the spring coil placed to the skin. Using both hands, twist the handles inwards towards your face and match the directional arrows. Move in an upward direction going against the hair growth. The high quality stainless steel coil-spring removes the trickiest of hairs to fine peach fuzz, without irritation to the skin other than some reddening from the hair being pulled from the root.

Precision Folding Razor

Many women are using specific facial razors for both the brows and the removal of peach fuzz around the chin, neck, upper lip, cheeks, forehead and even the nose. Did you know that beauty models have been shaving their faces for years?


Unlike dermaplaning, using facial razors removes hair and stops products from sticking to and caking around hair on the face, so it’s possible to achieve a much smoother, clearer complexion. 


The Precision Folding Razor features a dual-sided stainless steel, high-quality blade. It’s portable and folds easily, so that the blade can be safely tucked away when not in use. The built-in brush makes it easy to maintain a clean, sharp edge for brows and the face.


 When it comes to the biggest question of them all, will my hair grow back thicker and darker after facial shaving? The answer is simply no! Facial hair doesn’t grow back thicker or darker when it’s been shaved. 


Your hair is naturally thicker at the root and when your hair starts to grow back, it can sometimes give the appearance of being thick and dark, but as soon as it grows out it’ll become finer. That’s because when we shave, we shave the hair at the thickest point and so it only gives the appearance of being thicker or darker initially. Shaving doesn’t increase the number of hair follicles in the skin or the rate hair grows.


How do I use a facial hair razor for hair removal?


Step one

Start off by wetting your face with a warm face cloth to open up the pores and soften skin. It’s best to use a facial hair razor after a shower or bath, as the steam naturally opens pores and softens skin. However, if you don’t have the time, hold a warm face cloth to the skin and then dry the face after a minute or two.


Step two

Holding the facial razor at a 45-degree angle and with a light, gentle pressure, apply short feathery strokes in a downward motion and with the direction of hair growth, not against it. 


Step three

As the facial razor itself is sharp, take your time and use shorter strokes for more precise shaving. Don’t over use the Precision Folding Razor as not to irritate the skin and cause sensitivity.

Precision Folding RazorPrecision Folding Razor
Precsion Folding RazorPrecsion Folding Razor


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