Precision Folding Razor for brow and facial hair removal

Tweezerman - Precision Folding Razor for brow and facial hair removal

Many women are using facial razors for both the brows and the removal of peach fuzz around the chin, neck, upper lip, cheeks, forehead and even the nose. Infact, beauty models have been shaving their faces for years. If you’re wondering why, by removing facial hair, it allows for better makeup application and a smooth, even complexion. 

Unlike dermaplaning, which removes dead skin and sebum from the skin’s surface (similar to exfoliation), using facial razors removes hair and stops products from sticking to and caking around hair on the face. It also means that skincare products can better penetrate the skin and get to work on a clearer, more hydrated complexion.


Precision Folding Razor from Tweezerman






The Precision Folding Razor features a dual-sided stainless steel, high-quality blade. It’s portable and folds easily so that the blade can be safely tucked away when not in use. The built-in brush makes it easy to maintain a clean, sharp edge for brows and the face. Recently used by influencer @sheikbeauty as part of her skincare routine.




How do I use a facial razor?

Step one


Wet your face with a warm face cloth to open up the pores and soften skin. It’s best to use a facial hair razor after a shower or bath as the steam naturally opens pores and softens skin. However, if you don’t have the time, hold a warm face cloth to the skin and then dry the face after a minute or two.


Step two


Holding the facial razor at a 45-degree angle and with a light, gentle pressure, apply short feathery strokes in a downward motion and with the direction of hair growth, not against it. 


Step three


As the facial razor itself is sharp, take your time and use shorter strokes for more precise shaving. Don’t over use the Precision Folding Razor as not to irritate the skin and cause sensitivity. 


Frequently asked questions about facial shaving for women


Should women shave their faces and peach fuzz?


Shaving your face to remove peach fuzz or any facial hair in general is completely down to personal preference. There’s no shame in shaving or not shaving at all! Women tend to shave their faces to remove hair for better application of make up and for skin care to penetrate the skin.  


Can I use a facial razor all over the face?


Yes! The Precision Folding Razor has been designed to be precise for those harder to reach and more delicate areas. You can use a facial razor on the forehead, sideburns, nose, upper lip, chin, neckline and brows! You can even use the facial razor in intimate areas such as the bikini line - just remember to always clean the blade after with an alcohol wipe. 


Is shaving your face the same as Dermaplaning?


Dermaplaning is different to facial shaving. Whilst some dermaplaner blades naturally remove peach fuzz as they’re worked against the skin, most dermaplaners are for the exfoliation of the skin’s surface to remove excess sebum (oil) and dead skin. 


Can I use a razor on my eyebrows?


Absolutely! The Precision Folding Razor has been designed to trim harder to reach hair on delicate areas such as the brow. Just take your time and use slow, even strokes around the browline to avoid slipping. 


Can facial hair shaving help my PCOS and PCOD Hirsutism?


Hirsutism is a common hormone disorder that causes excess facial hair and body hair growth. Whilst it won’t cure or stop further facial hair growth from hirsutism, facial hair shaving will help the appearance by removing hair from the face.


Will my hair grow back thicker and darker after facial shaving?


Facial hair doesn’t grow back thicker or darker when it’s been shaved. Your hair is naturally thicker at the root and so, when your hair starts to grow back, it can sometimes give the appearance of being thick and dark, but as soon as it grows out a bit more it’ll become finer.  That’s because when we shave, we shave the hair at the thickest point and so it only gives the appearance of being thicker or darker initially. Shaving also doesn’t the number of hair follicles in the skin or the rate hair grows.


Will my skin get darker from shaving?


Your skin won’t get darker and you won’t get a ‘5 o’clock shadow’ but we always recommend cleaning the blade with an alcoholic wipe and not using the razor so often that you’re irritating the skin. Irritated skin can become blemished and dry. 


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