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Signature Red
Signature Red

Point Tweezer Signature Red


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Product description

Finely tapered, precision points are hand-filed and perfectly aligned, making them ideal for stubble, in-grown hairs, and baby-fine brow and facial hair.
Key Benefits
• Precision pointed tips grab the finest and smallest hairs
• Great for baby-fine hairs, stubble and minor in-grown hairs
• Hand filed, perfectly aligned tips grab every hair
• Stainless steel is long lasting and easy to clean
Tool Tips
Using the thin, tapered point to grab and pull the finest hairs.
To remove in-grown hairs, clean the surrounding area of your skin with soap and water, disinfect the tweezer to completely sterilise. Use one tip of the tweezer to "spring out" the hair, then grasping the hair between both tips, gently pull it out from the base. After removal, clean the area of skin and tweezer. Using fingers or less hygienic tools can irritate skin or cause infection.
Tool Care
Clean tweezer tips after each use. Please do not sanitise the body of this tweezer as the coloured enamel may wear off.
Tweezerman's famous Sharpening Service is available with this item.
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