Bye, Bye Facial Hair, Hello Smooth Skin!

With winter clearly now upon us, it's time to level up those beauty tools for the cooler, harsher months as the weather plays havoc with our skin. If you’re prone to dry skin in the winter, start noticing those pesky few chin hairs or just want a smoother complexion when wearing make-up, then look no further than our all-new Facial Razor.

Say hello to smoother, softer, brighter skin!


Tweezerman Facial Razor


Easily remove peach fuzz whilst gently exfoliating and removing dull, dead skin. Sounds great, right? The Facial Razor gently glides across skin that’s moisturised or wet with a facial wash to remove hair with ease.


Designed for those with sensitive skin who need to avoid harsh chemicals from waxing or hair removal creams, the Facial Razor provides superior performance for facial hair removal with a blade.


Benefits of facial hair removal


Smoother complexion for makeup application

Exfoliation and removal of dead skin, debris and excess oil

Pain-free hair removal

Less irritation and inflammation commonly caused by chemicals, wax and plucking


The Facial Razor comes with 3 replacement blades, a safety cap for storage and its stainless steel blades are sanitary, durable and super easy to clean after use.

How to use a facial Razor


Step one

Start with clean and moisturised skin after your skincare routine, or use while washing your face, with your face wash still on the skin so the blade can easily glide.


Step two

After removing the cap from the facial razor, hold the razor at an angle and use short, feathery strokes downward, with light pressure anywhere you need to remove hair.


Step three

Once finished, rinse your face and apply moisturiser or serum to avoid drying out the skin to keep it looking fresh and hydrated,


Step four

Rinse the razor with warm water or an alcohol wipe to clean. Once dry, replace the cap and store it in your makeup bag for next time!


Frequently asked facial hair removal questions


Do I need to remove hair from my face?


It’s all personal preference and you absolutely don’t have to remove hair from your face if you don’t want to. Some people like to remove hair from their face for a smoother complexion, as makeup has a tendency to sit or “cake” on the skin when hair hasn’t been removed. Facial Razors also act as an exfoliant and remove dead, dull skin, debris and excess oil, which can really brighten your skin.


Does hair grow back thicker when shaved?


It's a common misconception that hair will grow back thicker from any form of hair removal and more hair won't grow back in its place either. Hair can appear thicker when shaving from the root because the blade gives the hair a blunt tip. That means that the tip may feel stubbly and coarse as it grows. It might appear thicker or even darker, but that's not the case.


Is it better to pluck or shave facial hair?


Shaving facial hair amongst women is less popular as hair can appear thicker and darker when it grows back (but it isn't!) Shaving isn't painful whereas plucking does come with pain and leaves some redness whilst the skin cools from the tweezing process. Using a facial razor is often much quicker than plucking from the root too.


Why do chin and neck hairs happen?


Hair growth is impacted by hormonal phases and as women age, different hormones are triggered throughout their lifetimes. That means that hair will grow at different rates, in different places: the chin and neck being two of them! It’s very common and depending on the rate of growth, tweezing or using a facial razor could be more effective.


Is shaving facial hair better for sensitive skin?


If you can’t use waxes or chemicals for hair removal, it’s definitely a better option. It’s gentle to the skin whereas plucking can cause more irritation and leave skin red and inflamed. As long as you’re combining facial hair shaving with your preferred moisturiser or facial wash, you should find it very comfortable for your skin. Just remember that it is a blade so you don’t need to put pressure on your skin.


My skin is acne-prone, should I shave?


Sometimes shaving acne-prone skin can be a little harsh on breakouts and increase scarring. Just ensure you’re using moisturiser or facewash when using a facial razor and be gentle. There’s no need to press hard against the skin to remove hair.

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