How to use the Tweezerman Smooth Finish Hair Remover and its benefits

How to use the Tweezerman Smooth Finish Hair Remover and its benefits


The Smooth Finish Hair Remover is an innovative tool for precise, effortless and smooth facial hair removal. It's been designed for easy usage, whether that's in front of a mirror, as part of your skincare routine or whilst you're relaxing with a film. Everyone has facial hair, some more than others, both young and old. It's down to personal preference whether you want to use hair removal techniques or not, and our Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover was made for discreet facial hair removal from the comfort of your own home or on-the-go for precise, effortless and smooth hair removal. 






The hair removal tool removes even the finest, unwanted hair quickly, easily and from the root and is a safe alternative for those with extra sensitive skin, especially when it comes to harsh chemicals, waxes and hair removal creams.



How to remove hair with the Smooth Finish Hair Remover



Simply place the tool on areas of the face where you wish to remove hair, such as the upper lip, chin, neck, cheeks and sideburns. Place the flatter side of the spring coil to the skin and using both hands, twist the handles inwards towards your face, matching the directional arrows. Move in an upward direction going against the hair growth. The high quality stainless steel coil-spring removes the trickiest of hairs to fine peach fuzz, without irritation to the skin other than some reddening from the hair being pulled from the root.



Does using the Smooth Finish Hair Remover hurt?



The tools technique is similar to threading and so, pulls hair directly from the roots. Much the same as plucking with a Tweezer, the tool plucks hair on mass, so the pain isn't dissimilar to tweezing hair. It can hurt like tweezing initially, but once you grow used to the pain and master the technique, it's a much more efficient means of hair removal. We'd recommend taking a hot shower or pressing a warm washcloth to the face to open up pores and hair follicles before using the tool. This'll not only soften the skin but loosen the pores for easier hair removal.



Why remove hair from the face?



It's entirely down to personal preference and some people have more hair than others. Many decide to remove hair from their face for a smoother complexion, as makeup has a tendency to sit better on the skin when hair has been removed.



Does hair grow back thicker?



It's a common misconception that hair will grow back thicker from any form of hair removal and more hair won't grow back in its place either. In some cases hair growth becomes less over time from regular removal and as the Smooth Finish Hair Remover can be used more regularly than waxing, for instance, it should lead to reduced hair growth more quickly.


Why does my hair feel thicker when shaved?



Hair appears thicker when shaving over hair removal from the root because the blade gives the hair a blunt tip. That means that the tip may feel stubbly and coarse as it grows. It might appear thicker or even darker, but that's not the case.



Is it better to pluck or shave facial hair?


Shaving facial hair amongst women is less popular as hair can appear thicker and darker when it grows back (but it isn't!) Shaving isn't painful whereas plucking does come with pain and leaves some redness whilst the skin cools from the tweezing process. It's down to personal preference, but tweezing, such as using the Smooth Finish Hair Remover, will last longer than shaving as the hair is removed from the root. Shop The Smooth Finish Hair Remover for Facial Hair.



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