Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover


The Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover effortlessly removes unwanted hair from the neck, chin, cheeks and upper lip. The innovative design is a must have to at home hair removal without the need for wax or chemicals.


  • Our Facial Hair Remover minimises the regrowth of hair as it grasps the entire hair and removes from the root.
  • The innovative design works to successfully remove areas of unwanted hair without the need for wax and chemicals.
  • Free Tweezerette includes for any missed hairs.


Remove hair from the spring and clean after each use with an alcohol wipe.

Tool Tips

Tool Tips



  1. Hold one handle in each of your hands and align the centre of the coil tip on the area where you want to remove hair from. 
  2. Ensure you are placing the flatter side of the coil against the skin on larger areas and the other side against the skin for smaller areas.
  3. Rotate the silver part above the coloured handle in each hand in the direction the arrows are pointing. This will enable the coil to directly grab the hair from the root.
  4. Repeat on other areas of the face as desired.

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