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Looking and feeling good is as important to modern men as it is to women. A large part of that is achieved through having a structured daily grooming routine. Nowadays, more is involved in daily grooming than just brushing and styling your hair and shaving...

While many men prefer to shave every day, for instance, others treat their beards like a work of art and put a painstaking amount of care and attention into trimming it to make sure its length and look is just right.

Many more men now spend time trimming and removing the hair on other parts of their face, such as their nose, ears and around their eyes.

Why Choose Tweezerman

At Tweezerman, we understand the need, therefore, of the modern man to have access to high quality and well-designed tools to help him with his daily grooming tasks. That is why we have this section of the site completely dedicated to those kinds of products.

Tweezerman was established more than 40 years ago, and as such has practical experience and knowledge of the industry that helps us to always design and source the products, we know our customers want and need.

Our reputation precedes us, and you only need to look at the glowing reviews we receive to know how products are as good as we say they are.

We have a wide range of products covering all aspects of male grooming, from shaving and trimming facial hair to nail clipping, eyebrow and ingrown hair plucking and even nose and ear hair trimming.

Facial Hair Grooming Essentials

You will find all the accessories you need to trim your facial hair both safely and to a high standard. Among the great products we have, there is a handy fogless shower mirror, a sharp precision blade facial hair scissors and some high-quality scissors and comb for both your moustache and beard.

Nose, Hair and Eyebrows

Although we all try to hide it, most of us get hairs in places we’d rather not. To help you stay on top of every inch of your face, we have a variety of tweezers and scissors to get rid of all those unsightly and unattractive hairs. Our high-quality tweezers can also be used to safely pluck your eyebrows with precision.

Nail Care

Another crucial part of the daily or even weekly grooming for most men trying to look their best is their nail care. We have also catered for those needs with products like the Precision Grip Toenail Clipper and Mini Cuticle Nipper.

Free Delivery and Returns

We offer free delivery on all orders over £20 and while we hope you are delighted with our products; we will understand if they are not what you expect. As such we offer free returns and a full refund. If you are happy with your orders and your tweezers, scissors or other tools start to go blunt, we also offer a free sharpening service.

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GET THE LATEST FROM TWEEZERMAN. Sign up now to get 10% off your first order.
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