Free Sharpening



Tweezerman offers a lifetime of free “Sharpening Services” for Tweezerman Tools that are blunting due to natural use. This includes sharpening, re-alignment and recalibrating the tension.

The sharpening policy only applies to genuine Tweezerman Tools and does not apply to products that have been misused or modified, or that have been repaired by anyone other than Tweezerman’s Service Centre

All of our sharpening services are undertaken at the Tweezerman Service Centre in America. 

Upon receipt of these materials, Tweezerman will inspect your tool(s) to be sharpened and make a final determination of your eligibility for the Sharpening Policy. You will receive updates on the status of your sharpened implement at the email address you provided on your Sharpening Form. 


Please do be aware that it can take around 8-weeks for your item to be returned to you, and although you will have to pay for this to be sent to the Tweezerman Service Centre in America, it will be sharpened and then returned both free of charge by the Service Centre team.


Sharpening Services Process is as follows:


  1. Visit the US Tweezerman website https// to complete the Sharpening Form
  2. Print the form and include this in your parcel before posting. For further details, please do visit the website and read through the FAQs on the website at


Please click the button below where you will be redirected to the US Tweezerman website where you can fill out the Free Sharpening Form.

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