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  1. Precision Folding Razor - 1600-R - Tweezerman UK
    Precision Folding Razor
    Special Price £11.26 Regular Price £12.50
  2. Mini Slant Tweezer Classic - 1249-R - Tweezerman UK
  3. Hollygraphic Mini Tweeze Set
  4. Micro Mini Tweezer Set - 4267-R - Tweezerman UK
  5. Petite Tweeze Set Rose Gold - 4048-RSGR - Tweezerman UK
  6. Avocado Duo Set -  4270-R - Tweezerman UK
  7. Toolmates - 4266-R - Tweezerman UK
  8. Micro Mini Palette -  4269-R - Tweezerman UK
  9. Rose Gold Slant Tweezer -  1256-RGR - Tweezerman UK
  10. Browmousse - Clear Brow Styling Gel - 1010-R - Tweezerman UK
  11. G.E.A.R. Slant Tweezer - 12301-MG - Tweezerman UK
  12. Mini Brow Rescue Kit - 4210-R - Tweezerman UK
  13. Mini Slant Tweezer Neon Pink - 1248-FPR - Tweezerman UK
  14. Leopard Print Slant Tweezer - 1256-LR - Tweezerman UK
  15. Pointed Slant Tweezer - 1261-R - Tweezerman UK
  16. Point Tweezer Midnight Sky - 1241-BR - Tweezerman UK
  17. Point Tweezer Signature Red - 1241-RR - Tweezerman UK
  18. Classic Point Tweezer - 1240-R - Tweezerman UK
  19. Slant Tweezer Granite Sky - 1230-GSR - Tweezerman UK
  20. Slant Tweezer Green Apple - 1230-GAR - Tweezerman UK
  21. Slant Tweezer Pretty in Pink - 1230-PR - Tweezerman UK
  22. Slant Tweezer Blue Jewel - 1230-B09R - Tweezerman UK
  23. Slant Tweezer Midnight Sky - 1230-BR -Tweezerman UK
  24. Slant Tweezer Signature Red - 1230-RR - Tweezerman UK
  25. Slant Tweezer Geranium - 1230-RFC12 - Tweezerman UK
  26. Classic Slant Tweezer - 1231-R - Tweezerman UK

38 Items

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When your eyebrows don’t look right, you don’t feel right. That is why it is likely a very important part of your beauty process. To achieve the right look, you need the right tools. At Tweezerman, we understand this need and have a wide selection of professional-standard, high-quality brow tools available...

Why Trust Tweezerman Products?

We have been working and recognized for more than 40 years. We have a sterling reputation for our products and the standards we set with regards to the service, level of innovation, reliability, and quality we offer with each and every tool we produce and sell.

Whatever you are looking for, whatever kind of tool you need to trim, shape and style your brows the way you want them, we can help you out.

Tweezers Galore

Unsurprisingly for a company called Tweezerman, we have a lot of tweezers in stock. Lots of different sizes and styles, so that you can find the perfect one that’s right for your unique needs. For example, we have a wide variety of different slant tweezers and more traditional point tweezers, like the rather special Emerald Eve Slant Tweezer & Pouch set. This is a bit of a luxury set designed for the classy woman. It is the same high-quality stainless-steel slant tweezer that we’ve become famous for, with a sophisticated deep green finish.

These have hand-filed tips that are aligned perfectly to close as evenly and firmly as possible to give you a precise hair plucking action every time. It has even won the Best of Beauty award from Allure every year since we first won it in 2001.

One of our best-selling point tweezers is undoubtedly the Classic Point Tweezer. Again, with a stainless-steel finish, this is hand-filed and offers professional salon-quality and is perfectly aligned to offer a precise gripping action, every single time.

We also stock a wide range of mini tweezers too for when you are on the move and need to ensure your brows are looking their best.

Razors and Shaping Scissors

It’s not just tweezers we stock here at Tweezerman, though, as we have the Precision Folding Razor and Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush set. The precision folding razor features a high-quality and dual-sided razor that is a pain-free and quick alternative to plucking using tweezers. As it’s foldable it’s also travel-friendly, so perfect whether you are on the daily commute or away on holiday or a weekend break.

The Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush set comprises of a pair of scissors with extremely thin blades that are specifically designed for use on your brow hairs. They have a perfectly contoured shape which makes them easy and comfortable to handle, so you can have first-class results every time.

So, whether you are looking for a new addition to your beauty and makeup collection or need something to take on holiday, browse through our collection of products. There really is something for everyone and to match all needs.


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