Welcome to the season of sun - love that liberating feeling of slipping into your favourite pair of sandals? No? We get it! Who hasn’t hesitated to let those toes see the light of day after a long winter. Don’t worry, we’ve been there! And we're here to help you transform your feet from hibernation mode to sandal-ready radiance. With our expert pedicure tips and curated products, you'll be ready to show off those toes with confidence all summer long.


STEP 1 - Exfoliate


The first step into your sandal ready routine is to exfoliate your feet. Soak your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Use our bestselling foot exfoliator and smoothing tool, which is infused with silver for protection from bacteria and germs.


STEP 2 - Trim

  Get your Essential Pedicure Kit ready;

  • Trim nails into desired shape with the Toenail Clipper. Start at corners and cut straight across towards centre. Repeat from opposite side. Avoid cutting in a rounded shape to prevent ingrown nails. 
  • Use coarse side of Nail File to shape nails and finer side to smooth nail edges. Start at the side of the nail and file in one direction towards the centre.
  • Finish nails with the Nail Buffer. Use the grey side to remove ridges and smooth the nail surface. Use the white side to shine nails.

STEP 3 - Final Touches


Don't forget your cuticles for a retouched look. Our Pushy and Nail Cleaner tool is gentle, with an effective performance for at-home pedicure. Now that you have prepped your feet, don't forget to moisturise and apply your favourite colour.


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