Eyelash Curlers For Your Eye Shape

We’re all unique, and that means we all have eye shapes that are distinctive to us. Generally, we all fit somewhere between having round-shaped, almond-shaped or deep-set eyes, and whilst most eyelash curlers try to be one-size-fits-all, we’ve crafted eyelash curlers to suit all eye shapes.


Many people will turn to different techniques to get a full, lifted lash line with flawlessly curled lashes. Whether that’s lash application, LVL lash lifts or heating their curlers to try to set the lash without crimping, many of us have tried different techniques for curlier lashes.


When it comes to the Curl 38° Eyelash Curler and Curl 60° Eyelash Curler, we’ve crafted these curlers for diverse eye shapes so that no lash goes uncurled.

Curl 38° Eyelash Curler


The Curl 38° Eyelash Curler has been designed to fit round--shaped eyes with a narrower opening, which reaches every lash without pinching the skin or bending lashes when its arms are clasped to grip and curl.



Curl 60° Eyelash Curler


The Curl 60° Eyelash Curler is crafted for almond-shaped and deep-set eyes has a wide opening to easily capture lashes within its top bar, curling lashes without pinching the eyelid or crimping lashes to give them an awkward, upright curl.


Both eyelash curlers have thick, rounded silicone lash pads that are hypoallergenic and won’t crimp or stick to lashes, unlike rubber pads that can cause irritation. Eyelash Curlers are a perfect alternative for those that can’t use harsh chemicals or have particularly sensitive skin. They’re also effortless to use and are a must-have in anyone’s makeup kit. Each curler comes with three replacement pads, which should change every 3-months.


How to use an eyelash curler


Many people find eyelash curlers daunting, and it can be for the first time or if you’ve had bad experiences in the past. We’ll never forget the painful pinch or lifting away the curler to find several lashes stuck to it.


Always curl clean, dry lashes and never curl them when you’ve already applied your mascara. Mascara is the main culprit for lashes sticking to your curler, and once you’ve gripped and then released, that’s when lashes tend to stick and end up being pulled out.
Line up the curler with your lash line so that you can easily see that all of your lashes are sitting within the opening of the curler. You don’t need to press hard. We recommend gently clamping down the curler, tilting up and holding for several seconds. You can also apply a light pumping action, but there’s no need for lots of pressure.
If you’re not happy with the curl, simply repeat to further set your lashes before applying your mascara.


Frequently asked questions about eyelash curlers


Are eyelash curlers bad for your eyes?


As long as eyelash curlers are used correctly, they’re not bad for your eyes at all. Always make sure you clean your eyelash curlers like you would other beauty tools. Bacteria can find their way onto them in your makeup kit. Don’t call your lashes once you’ve applied your mascara either, as this often leads to lashes being pulled out.


Do eyelash curlers make your eyes look bigger?


Eyelash curlers are used to open the eye by giving lashes a helping hand with an extra lift and curl, so absolutely, they open the eye by lifting and framing your lashes.


Should I use an eyelash curler every day?


As long as you’re keeping your curler clean and not applying too much pressure to your lashes, it’s perfectly fine to use an eyelash curler daily. They’re perfect for creating defined lashes, and we love to team up with the Folding iLashcomb to remove mascara to stop clumping.

Not the eyelash curler you’re looking for? Browse our range of lash tools.


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