Movember Grooming Tips

Movember Grooming Tips

In the fight for better men’s health, Movember (Moustache November) sees men across the world taking to the blade with a clean shave, to grow out a moustache in solidarity. The movement raises funds and awareness internationally, in the drive to get men talking about their health: mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer, too. Movember is a leading charity changing the face of men’s health and they know what works for men’s health, and what doesn’t. Find out more about Movember.


Tweezerman have put together their top tips on moustache grooming to keep your nose neighbour looking resplendent.




It’s a good idea to decide what style you’re looking to achieve with your moustache, so you’re able to shape as you go for your desired look. Movember have put together a handy guide on moustache styles, you could imitate the style of a celebrity or hop onto Pinterest for the top moustache styles for 2020.


Grooming & Maintenance


Infamous beard itch


After a clean shave and your moustache is starting to bloom, you might find that you're starting to feel “beard itch” as hair grows. Beard itch occurs at two stages. Initially, as hair starts to grow and break through the skin, and then secondly, as hair grows longer it starts to take moisture from the skin to keep itself hydrated. That itch is actually skin becoming dry, so make sure you’re keeping skin moisturised. You could even take it up a level by using beard oil on your moustache to keep the hair hydrated. 


Grooming hair growth 


When it comes to upkeep and maintenance, we’d recommend using a moustache comb and scissors to begin to shape your moustache. Sharp facial hair scissor blades are designed for precision cutting and shaping of facial hair. A comb will brush through the hair, to lift any hair flat to the skin before trimming and then neaten the moustache after.


If you’ve already got a comb, it’s possible to buy facial hair scissors on their own to trim your moustache. 



Nose trimming

To keep your moustache in the spotlight, nose trimming can be a given for some men who have unruly nose hair. The G.E.A.R. Nose Hair Trimmer is a quick, painless and safe trimmer for nose and ear hair. The premium quality blades won't pull hair or cut the skin.



Ingrown hairs 


Hair grows at different rates and stages and after a clean shave, that can often mean the arrival of an ingrown hair or two. When it comes to preventing ingrown hairs, regular, weekly exfoliation is key but you can remove ingrown hairs too. Most will clear up themselves within a day or two, but if you have persistent ingrown hair you can use a Point Tweezer to remove the hair once it’s broken the skin.


Read our article on tips for men when getting rid of ingrown hairs from stubble.


Now continue your hard work in growing a moustache in support of Men’s Health!


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